Medicine Man


MEDICINE MAN is a veteran blues band from the Alicante and national scene. The band was born in the summer of 1997 in Alicante, Spain.

During these years, the band has performed hundreds of concerts around the country, showing their own songs and classics of the blues mainly.

They merge various styles such as funk, rock and jazz, on a solid base of blues, giving to the themes the sound that characterizes the band.

Winner of the 2nd edition of the challenge «Da la nota», organized by the University of Alicante. The prize was invested on the second Cd of the band, «The Onion tree» edited by KRB, 2001.



Members today:

Víctor Jordá: Voice and guitar (Alicante, Spain)

Singer and guitarist, and composer of much of the band’s songs. Medicine Man founder member. He has collaborated with many musicians and bands, especially in the Blues genre, in several countries over the years. He was also part of the «Ken Hensley Band» (ex Uriah Heep) in 2005 visiting countries such as Mexico, Norway, Bulgaria, Spain, etc., and participated in the recording of «Cold Autumn Sunday», the same year and author. He recently recorded and produced the album «Savage Steel» (Blues / Folk) for the canadian artist Pat Savage, of which one of the tracks is included in the american film «The Biker movie». He is also a founding member, and president of the » Alicante Blues Society «. He collaborates with theater company «Pampol teatre» for more than 15 years; as a composer and co-author of some of its shows.

Rafa Navas: Bass (Madrid, Spain)

Founding member of Medicine Man. During his musical career has been part of other bands simultaneously as «Agripinos», «Kamikaze Express» «SBA Blues Band» and etc. Twenty years of experience in the Blues, have made Rafa Navas being a bass player of weight and consistency.

Nelson De León: Drums (Montevideo, Uruguay)

Nelson De Leon is an uruguayan drummer who lives in Spain over twenty years ago. During this time he has toured the country accompanying top musicians and national jazz artists from other styles. Experienced studio musician, having made dozens of recordings for TVE, commercials, singers, etc. Nelson has collaborated with the band touring the country since the beginning of Medicine Man.

Juanjo «Little Fonsi»: Harmonica (Murcia, Spain)

Blues harmonica player born in Murcia and based in Alicante, joins the band in 2014. Musician experienced in the genre, has collaborated with known bands as «Rebeldes» and artists such as Santiago Campillo, Miguel Bañon, Danny Boy Sanchez, etc.


The members of MEDICINE MAN have extensive experience in their careers, they have shared the stage at festivals with international musicians like KEITH DUNN (American harmonica player chose them as backing band for their concerts in the area, as well as for recording session), POPA CHUBBY, COCO MONTOYA, PHILIP GUY, PAT SAVAGE, SAZED UL ALAM, KEN HENSLEY, composer and keyboardist Uriah Heep (Víctor Jordá was a member of the famous » KEN HENSLEY BAND» in 2005, performing live in countries like Spain, Mexico, Norway and Bulgaria. he also participated in his recording of «Cold autumn Sunday»(Ken Hensley 2005).


Keith Dunn & Medicine Man

MEDICINE MAN has also shared the stage with artists of the Spanish scene as TONKY DE LA PEÑA, ÑACO GOÑI, DANNY BOY SANCHEZ, SANTIAGO CAMPILLO, ROSENDO, RAIMUNDO AMADOR, etc.



All members of the band are also members of the «SBA» “Alicante Blues Society».

In the MEDICINE MAN career we find hundreds of performances at festivals, pubs, private events, collaborations, recordings, etc., that fill the history of this experienced band.



– «Medicine Man»

– «The Onion Tree»

– «Blues 4 cats» (live recording)

– «The trail»

– «Roots on the brew»

They are currently finishing the recording of their latest album «Roots on the brew»; that they are complementing with concerts and other events.

Poster Medman cuarteto


Email: medicinemanbluesband@gmail.com
Web: http://www.medicineman.es
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/medicine.man.100
Phone: +34 629525687
“Just like a fool” (Del álbum “Roots on the brew” 2016) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vj5nrQulKuQ
“Historias del Blues“ with “SBA Blues Band” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7knYVpbZGE0
Alacanti TV, with Santiago Campillo: https://vimeo.com/127908512

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